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Technical textile

Tents come in all shapes and sizes. They serve both small and large events. The designs range from standard to spectacular. In short, with tents you can go in all directions.

From design to production

  • We start from a delivered design, or propose a design ourselves. 
  • We cut, weld and then produce the tent cloths to size.

Tents - advantages at a glance

  • Different types of tents
  • Custom made
  • Visual tight whole

Different types of tents

  • Traditional pole tents
  • Span tents 
  • Membrane tents

Custom made


Specify your desired dimensions and the tent will then be designed and produced by us.

The choice of cloth

Do you prefer a tent that lets through a lot of light or not? Or do you prefer a tent where you can see through crystal clear? It's all possible.

The choice of windows

The windows can be made in almost any shape. Your idea is our challenge. We will look at if its implementation is possible.

The choice for opening and closing the tent

It is a possibility to roll up the tent with roll-up straps. Another possibility is to bring the sails from the middle to the sides and tie them there.

The choice of colours

To add colour to your tent, you can choose from a wide range of colours. For more information about which colours are available or not, you can always contact us.

Visual tight whole

The tents are always stretched tight so that no creases or folds are visible. This gives you a beautiful and tight whole. 

Architectural solutions 
custom made
from design to realisation

Together with you we look at the
added value of our
solutions for your project!

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