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Facade in textile

Technical textile

A textile facade lends itself perfectly to renovation and new construction projects. An existing facade is given a new look in no time at all, and a textile facade can also be used in new construction projects to create a separate, impressive whole. By playing with dynamic shapes, a static building gets a playful twist. 

From design to realisation

  • We start from a delivered design, or propose a design ourselves. 
  • We cut, weld and then produce the fabric of the facade cladding to size. 
  • You can also rely on our in-house assembly team for the installation of the entire structure. Guaranteed quality all along the line!

Facade in textile - advantages at a glance

  • Custom made
  • Solid, lightweight structures
  • Isolating effect
  • Sun-repellent effect
  • Both new build and renovation projects
  • Low-maintenance facade

Custom made

A facade in textile can be placed against almost any building, regardless of its dimensions. Even the most complex designs can be realized.

For the execution of the canvas there are several possibilities: 

  • One in the mass colored cloth. See our standard offer. 
  • Combination of different canvases coloured in the mass in order to obtain a colour variation.
  • Printed canvas based on a design of your choice.

We will, if desired, come to you to review the situation and propose a tailor-made solution. 

Solid, lightweight structures

A facade in textile is light in weight, so the design possibilities are not easily limited. Because the fabric in textile is tightly stretched by means of various clamping mechanisms via profiles, we create a solid construction. These elements are co-developed at the start of the project or are available as standard, so that everything melts into a beautiful whole.

Long the entire project, we work closely with a study and consultancy firm that makes the necessary calculations for each adjustment. 

Isolating effect

The facade in textile has an insulating effect in both summer and winter. Thanks to the sunproof cladding, the building heats up less quickly in summer. In the winter, the fabric provides an insulating effect which makes it less likely to cool down inside. 

Sun-repellent effect

If desired, windows can be spared. If you do not opt for this, you will obtain a good awning. There is still a lot of light coming in, and the view to the outside is retained very well.

Both new build and renovation projects

Taking all the preceding points into account, it goes without saying that a textile facade lends itself perfectly to both new construction and renovation projects.

Low-maintenance facade

Thanks to the sail stretched in front of the facade, the building and the windows will be less exposed to rain. This results in windows that stay clean longer. In addition, thanks to the rain/snow, the textile facade is naturally cleaned, so you do not have to provide any maintenance yourself.

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custom made
from design to realisation

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