Large and bright spans of cloth

A complete wind- and waterproof canopy that is also translucent? It is one of the many possible applications for which you can call on us, Vervaeke, manufacturer and assembly company of constructions with technical textiles.

The experience for this was gained in the agricultural sector, but in the meantime we also produce and assemble for numerous industrial clients. "In agriculture, we use our sails to regulate the air intake in stables, but with our sails we can also, for example, keep out dust, rain, wind, birds and other disturbing influences", explains Hannes Vandersteene, sales director.  

In the recycling sector, among others, we offer solutions for such problems or challenges with canopies, large gates and dust and windbreaks. At the IOK waste management site in Geel, for example, a special hall was set up for the storage and transshipment of VGF waste.

Wind- and waterproof

For the IOK project, a cloth that does not allow rain or wind to pass through was chosen. Moreover, the construction was made completely watertight: there are no gaps or openings. "The entire sail structure is prefabricated in our factory, including all welds and seams. The ends, which are also prefabricated in their entirety, are welded to the rest of the tent on site, resulting in a wind and waterproof hall," says Vandersteene.


"By using translucent fabric instead of regular roof cladding, there is a lot of natural light inside the hall. You'll never manage that with normal skylights." The facades got a slightly darker tint because of the waste.

Acid- and dirt-resistant coatings

A special acid repellent cloth was chosen because of the high acidity of the fumes from the waste. Furthermore, the cloth was given a dirt-resistant top coating, which offers great added value in terms of maintenance.


"Another big advantage of this construction method is the speed", Vandersteene says. "Including the construction of the steel frame, the entire hall can be built in a week plus two days.

This was a relatively small project, but we can also handle aircraft pilots with a span of 50m. With a crane, the canvas - consisting of the roof and the long sides of the hall - is placed on the frame and unrolled in a special way.

Fixed, the hall is immediately ready for use." According to Vandersteene, a production hall made of tent canvas is not inferior to another building. "Everything is calculated and engineered like any other building. Our halls can handle the same wind load. The structures are also lighter, so that less heavy foundations are required. The canvas also meets all fire safety requirements." 

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